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Since its formation in 1999 King Style has believed that men’s underwear deserves just as much innovation, style, and attention to detail as women’s. We want to give you the comfort and look that makes you feel like your sexiest and most sophisticated self every day.


There are five series in our range; Series A to Series E. Each Series has a unique and refined pouch design to maximise your comfort by positioning your boy either up, down, inward, or outward, depending on your preference.


King Style is committed to supporting men’s health, as well as making sure you look and feel great. For this reason, our sophisticated designs ensure our underwear provides ventilation, comfort, hygiene and, above all, elegance for men. We carefully select the materials we use, including fabrics like Coolmax and Tencel to boost comfort and ventilation and, of course, they come in a wide range of fun colours and patterns. With these soft, fine, breathable undies, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.


Whatever your day involves, King Style has a design specifically for you. Series A and C both position you upward, they not only to reduce friction on your skin, but put you nicely in separate pouches providing freshness and roomy space. If you spend a lot of time sitting down or in the office, Series A and C are perfect for you. King Style Series B and D, are for those who favour a downward position. They give you the choice of separate pouches and provide space for movement. The fly opens on both sides to reduce moisture and provide the perfect ventilation. If you are an active, sporty guy, or simply prefer to dress yourself down, King Style Series B and D are for you.


King Style Underwear started in Taiwan but has expanded globally to reach countries including America, Australia, and Japan. Which means, if we’re not already in your hometown, we aren’t far away. All products are still stitched to perfection in Taiwan by our experts in quality control, but the unique designs are patented across the world.


King Style received plenty of fantastic reviews on eBay and back in 2014 was awarded the Top Seller and Five Star Customer Service Awards. With the strong support and positive reviews of various bloggers and YouTubers, King Style is able to continuously keep you and your comfort as our top priority. If you want to find out more about the sophisticated underwear we can provide for every man, join us now at kingstyleunderwear.com and get ready to fall in love with King Style.



Year 1999: 

   The company started from scratch and created its unique product design. The company also set up its production line, packing and sales team under the brand name ‘King Size’ in Taiwan. 

Year 2000/2001:

   King Size entered the market and sold many pairs in various shopping centres in Taiwan. In the summer season, King Size created an outstanding sales record and received many positive feedbacks from the users. 

Year 2002:

  The company expanded to various overseas countries, including Japan and China.

Year 2003: 

   King Size rebranded their position and changed the name into King Style. King Style registered the underwear patent no. M438133 in Taiwan and many other countries. King Style focus on men’s underwear comfort and provides full support and ventilation. 

Year 2004 & 2005: 

   The company expanded to America. King Style developed a brand new way and production line to wear the build-in pouch underwear with five different series (Series A- Series E).


Year 2006 & 2007: 

  King Style launched many online platforms such as Yahoo-shop and PC-home store. Online sales achieved the highest in the Taiwan region.

Year 2010 & 2011: 

   King Style joined ‘Taipei in Style’ fashion show, and received positive feedback and comments. Many designers joined the team to create more innovative patterns and styles.

Year 2014:

   King Style joined many social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube. The Company also started selling globally on the Australia eBay store (until the end of 2016). It got lots of wonderful reviews and achieved 5 stars seller award on eBay store. 

Year 2015-2017: 


  King Style has successfully built it’s International website and Taiwan website; to move away from eBay store. The purpose is to create a better domain and information for our customer. King Style also has appeared on some Australian magazines and also special brochure during the #MGFF17; to show support for the local community and LGBTIQ. 


Now and Future:

   To continuously give our customer the best product and service, we are expanding our office and production line. We are constantly creating and improving our design to present the best for you and your 'boy'.